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How do youth connect with a top 10 job creation epicentre like JB

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If you are interested in this sort of challenge - either in case of Jamii Bora or a top 10 job creating epicentre of the world that you can share with us please contact chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk at Notman Macrae Foundation for Youth Capitalism - washingtin dc region 1 301 881 1655
Coming soon wikis around wholeplanet.tvother top 10 yunus abed khan farmer blecher Ma MIT-cluster your vote ....
Here is a case of a media problem I dont know to solve. Its an open systems and society challenge connected to the last best chance usa will have (premier next Friday Atlanta 22 Nov round ted turner, jimmy carter and dr yunus)  of connecting goodwill of youth and muhammad yunus or of anyone trying to get to a world where economists and media value grassroots sustainability and youth's productive lifetimes in the way futures are irreversibly designed.
Since 9/11 I have spent a lot of time searching out who is at the epicentre of youth's greatest challenges and solutions. While I'd be delighted to exchange my top 10 listing with yours my problem is that most of my top 10 dont personally use email, and dont have a personal assistant who understands how to update explainations of urgent forward agendas youth are needed to connect with
Can anyone think of a solution to this problem given the new context that Atlanta is spending 2 years trying to identify the 25000 youth who could most change the world if they are all massively and openly celebrated and connected to massive open tools whether these are diy khan academy labs, crowdfunding, open source technologists. entrepreneur competitions , revolutions in every stage of education for youth job creation  valuing massive open collaboration needed by practices and localities together with supporting pro-youth  infrastructures of mentors, funders, etc
I have just skyped this instant message to Ingrid Munro founder of Jamii Bora Africa's most exciting youth microcredit out of Kenya in case my request can turn into a action correspondence centre around her greatest wishes for youth collaboration.
Dear Ingrid next friday a new yunus 501 foundation is being launched round a 2 year process of connecting 25000 youth most concerned with sorts of solutions yunus and you have scaled-atlanta's great and good including ted turner and jimmy carter want atlanta to be the future capital of youth and yunus- are there any update stories of what sorts of collaborations you most want- if so could a member of your team email them to me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk I am planning a tour of various cities where I present actions that educators and youth can progress if only they teamed up with pro-youth economists and journalists. Taddy Blecher my friend in south africa has a free university paradigm aimed at creating a million jobs and restructuring 14 million teenagers access to entrepreneurial training. I see such ideas as win-win with explaining to you how they could really network the future if only millennium goal summits since 1997 had had an education core and nit just a rival fundraising one. I am also trying to involve sir fazle abed in this as clearly brac is a massive youth educator as well as banker for the futures humans need to be working on
 In my view Ingrid has more under-replicated knowhow than anyone in microbanking world though I'd be delighted to hear of other nominations of that title
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    Microcredit offers the safest banks in the world. In the last decade, microcredit has reached 100 million of the ...
  2. Jamii Bora Bank supports Youth, Women and persons with ...


    Jamii Bora Bank supports Youth, Women and persons with disabilities.
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    Microcredit offers the safest banks in the world. In the last decade, microcredit has reached 100 million of the world's poorest. On 27 January 2009,...watch video.
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    Jamii Bora Bank (JBB), is a commercial bank in Kenya. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, the national banking regulator.
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Jamii Bora Bank supports Youth, Women and persons with ...


Jamii Bora Bank supports Youth, Women and persons with disabilities.
Affiliations of people circulated include:
Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter King, Steve, Ross, Me
Alumn of GWU: Alex, Adella
DC supporters of capitals capable of celebrating 25000 youth job creators at a time - Me, Naila .Supportres of UDC as regions most inclusive host of student social valuing entrepreneur competition - Sylvia, Alex-Brian, King, Me..


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6 years ago needs to be a long time in world of development but we quite like this 2008 format marketplace of ideas- have you seen updates?

JB 1  -africanidol.tv

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of Jamii Bora's founder Ingrid Munro makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods


key question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

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