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S. Africa Imagine a nation that

invites the world to come and partner it in exploring job creating education - what would you hope to see? virtually free universities for every entrepreneur who makes more jobs than she takes;  empowerment programs for orphans or other fresher students whose childhoods have lost their confidences in self; peer to peer action learning experience- the most valuable mix of real and digital action learning networks; missing courses of job creating extended back to age 8 for all (14 million) children ; redesign of apprenticeships to maximum benefit of youth; celebrating small business owners own life-long learning accomplishments; 



.worldwide partners that bring job creating knowhow and tools from branson to google -south africa is a world leader in this celebration and valuation of students

but the best news from pro-youth economists is that open education is a win-win game- any nation twinning with south africa can now changeover to job  creating education valued as one of the 2 defining social movements of net generation


summer 2014 diary

Wow Naila!  I watched this video! Fantastic you are on this Board! 
I would love love love to speak at the event or to the Board some time. 
Whenever it is meant to be will be great. 

Naila wrote:

Please look into the updated video for the 2013 luncheon : http://vimeo.com/86955821
From Taddy
Dearest Naila,
Thank you for your deeply beautiful message below.
It was a true Blessing for me to meet you!  You are such an exceptional person in every way!  What you achieved with Grameen Phone and Telenor is just incredible.  A remarkable achievement.  Your ability to bring good into the world now from where you are is amazing!
Visiting South Africa we definitely need to organize for some point.
The areas where you can definitely help are:
  1. Access to voice or other BPO work for youth in South Africa (including refugees and youth from 14 countries)
  2. Access to excellent mobile-based content (including game-based) to train entrepreneurship, creativity, business principles, and thinking skills for all ages
  3. Funders interested in national transformation of a whole nation, or interested in education, entrepreneurship, youth, poverty alleviation, etc.
You need to learn more on Impact Investing and Impact Sourcing.
Much much appreciation for the wonderful connection

On Friday, June 27, 2014, Naila wrote
forgot to mention invited you in Facebook

Dear Taddy,

Good morning. hope your meeting went exceptionally well.

you are God sent into this world, like an Angel guiding so many youths. May
you blessed with the best Ameen.
I would love to help you get global if given an opportunity to work with
you. I am a keen focused person ensuring value and optimum results. your
vision is very aligned with mine. so if you see opportunity do not hesitate
to count me in.

I look forward to a South Africa visit as well.
Naila Husain Chowdhury added 3 new photos — with Taddy Blecher and Chris Macrae.
Naila Chowdhury With Taddy Blecher, CEO, Community & Individual Development Trust, The Maharishi Institute, Invincible Outsourcing , South Africa and The greatest connector, our Mentor Chris Macrae .



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Silicon Valley will continue to be the strongest innovation ecosystem in the world, but on a relative basis it will become less important,” predicts Steve Case, the former boss of America Online. He now runs Revolution, a venture-capital firm based in Washington, DC, which is looking hard for investments outside the Bay Area. 
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6 years ago needs to be a long time in world of development but we quite like this 2008 format marketplace of ideas- have you seen updates?

JB 1  -africanidol.tv

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of Jamii Bora's founder Ingrid Munro makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods


key question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

googlegroup bestMICRO




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