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africa in beijng sept 2018 and other critical summits

every 3 year xi jinping updates big ideas china would like to share with africans see sept 2018 

bri.school africa is br9 in our blogs on what schools could be debating about the continents belts/ports and road/railways - see eg worldrecordjobs chinathanks norman macrae foundation

the middle read line is the silk road route that existed up to 1500- there were various routes but most stayed around latitide 30- on the west end was the med sea- unlike todaays sea of refugees this was the belt to sial into from europe, africa or asia- typically the overlan rourte started around the lebanon and went all the weaay to shanghai/hangzou

mote [people did not do what marco pol did- ie trek for 7 years overland- it was a gaint rel;ay across cultires and neighbprs-- only win-win cultures connected- the rest were diverted around- in these days economies were approximately proprtional to population size though there was an adavnate to be at a med sea [port or to be at hangzhou in china- this city had a canla up to a beijinng and was on shaghai's river

the higher red line is an example of a rauilway that has been newl[p [artnered from china to madris- at lastest count 26 mations including most that are lanlocked have linked in; this is a slow railway line perfect for non-perishable goods- logiosti9cs algorithm can always work out how much one place neds to stick up in advance- for example jack ma has craeted the biggest shoping day ever seen - its on 11/11- you need your goods there in tome just like you would meet ax xmas book in natiuons where that is the bigegst gifting tiome- all the nations railways have difer=rent giages - so the grat innovation is a dry dock - where contaniers are vunloaded from one train and relaided to another as fast as possible- not how evry biodrer junction og this 26 nation railway line now becoems a thriving place to be as long as youth on both sides of the bodrer start dcelebrating ecaj otehrs cultiers and langauges

lets look at the maritoime routes- over 40% of maritime freight nmoe departs aor arrives at suoper[ports in china korea japan or singpore- if you look at gepography singpaore is the crossroads ever westeast maritime gtrade currently has to go through befiore it decides wherther it i going up to europe through suez, to meiidle east or nporth east africa, arpound south africa perhspa to east coast usa;

china has colaborates with pakitan- it is biuilding fast riads (eiether rail or for container klorres) and a port at gjagar- the port will then join all the routes that previously hed tio go through singapore

at the moent afriuca's main interest in this is djiboiuti- and whatever rails connect with that

-however egypt has soem massive investment rpojects with china which could be the best thing for any neighbor of that country but yes that depends on rel;ationships continuing - my understanding is china is inc=vesting in oman- hostorically the gjadar port wass operated by poman-

please note all of tehse thinghs need local checkinh-g - i am mainly reporting what is announced on cgtn and what many eladers sign up to at sum,mits where clusers of national eladers m,eet- each chnsge in local leadership could chnage thongs

[12:46 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: critical trading map
[12:46 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: you can uodate this with much m,ore skill than i can
[12:47 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: up to about 1500 the worlds main trading route was the middl red one
[12:47 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: -it wa made famous in marco polos journals
[12:47 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: it crossed roughly at latituide 30 all of overland eursaia
[12:47 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: the ebst place at the west end was any med sea port
[12:48 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: irinically insetad of toads sea of refugees europeans, africamns asuans saled in to around tioday's lebanon
[12:48 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: -not far from start of all the golden rule religions
[12:48 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: most people did not do the 7 year trek marco poleo did
[12:48 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: insetad it was one huge goowill relay
[12:49 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: neighboring cultures got onj with easch othat as they passed spices silks etc from end to end
[12:49 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: neigbors who were hostile were cause for a diversion
[12:49 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: then the bris cam in boats once they realised they coul sail rpund africate
[12:50 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: before the brits the economies were approximate in size with population
[12:50 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: though it was best to be on med sea on at jack ma's hangzhou
[12:50 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: m oarco polo was the fiurst governor of a city in china
[12:50 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: he wriote that hangzhou had a canal up to beijing
[12:50 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: the river to shanghai
[12:51 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: it was the greatest town of markets tyhe wprld ever saw
[12:51 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: untul alibaba redesigned that around 2010
[12:51 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: so what is beingrebuilt today and where can africa link in
[12:51 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: the top red line may not excite africans
[12:51 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: 26 nations have nmow conected railways
[12:52 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: this is great for landlocked eurasia
[12:52 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: it gioves opportunities to go from china to madrid
[12:52 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: or for sad countries like afrgnghansitan to join in
[12:52 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: the bid deal for africa and everyone is china has hooked up with pakistan
[12:53 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: now anything that china expoerts can go via road to gljadar a pot in pakistan at thye iran biorder
[12:53 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: from taht port it can link in with any martyime trading route
[12:53 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: before gjadar all eastern maritime trade - more than 40% of all shipping- hap to pass through singapore to go west
[12:54 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: west can mean up teh suez to euroipe. it can measn middle east or north africa
[12:54 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: or one day it will maean voia south afric to east caosrt usa
[12:55 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: if this is roughly correct then afruc=ican nnatiuons need to join tigetrher to decide whre therir ports are and to share railway lines
[12:55 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: in 7 days jonling has invited every african leadder to beijing
[12:55 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: they have a summit every 3 yeras on this
[12:55 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: i will write about other mainkly african opprtinities by emaisl
[12:56 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: it would help if mostifa could make sure he stefanos and may know each other as much as youi want becaue over the next 30 days mosrofa is planning yings dioary
[12:57 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: for thsoie who cant join us live for a week why not schedule a loing skype assumiing eter will eb agroiup around ying at the bangaldesh end
[12:57 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: amy first met ying 2.5 yeras ago and anteended sir fazles 80th birthday party
[12:58 PM, 8/25/2018] Chris Macrae: mostifa has been conecting bang...

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