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mpesa versus thin sim at equiity bank

Disruption is Simmering in Kenya October 2014 by Mohit Saini and Ritesh Dhawan Something disruptive has been simmering for some time no…

Started by chris macrae

0 Oct 17, 2014

help needed to regenerate blog of project wishes of ingrid munro

Sunday, April 17, 2011 help Us Social Business Crowdmap nearest links to Jamii Bora in Nairobinearest links to our yunus -africa search l…

Started by chris macrae

0 Aug 19, 2014

Empowering millennials to build happy, prosperous & collaborative 21st C nations


Started by chris macrae

3 Aug 12, 2014
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yes african millennials and usadbc.org can save the world?

2030now most valued hashes: 1 2 3 ... .survey of summits valuing 25-35 professionals most : YNPN USADBC wblive & you tell us..

Started by chris macrae

2 Jun 26, 2014
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africa youth save the world

http://jamiiborabank.co.ke/  http://maharishiinstitute.org/the-institute/meet-our-directors/  Two of the most productive youth networks fo…

Started by chris macrae

6 Apr 20, 2014
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africa world tour 1 of youth and yunus

Can US's historically black university students win-win with youth and yunus africa jobs futures?  discussion dc version 31 march 2014 here…

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0 Apr 1, 2014

Washington DC African Diaspora - Entrepreneurial Revolutuon

DC hotline for all ER news 301 881 1655 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Norman Macrae Foundation Youth Capitalism CONTENTS BY NEXT ACTION Greate…

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1 Mar 11, 2014
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understanding kiva

Microcredits- the goodwilled, the experimental, the socially muddled, and the worthless there are microcredits that wholly do good which w…

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0 Feb 23, 2014

searching for conversations where jamii bora is mentioned

please tell us  today I searched microcredisummit linked in group I dont quite know why it returned these 3 conversations though I admit t…

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0 Feb 16, 2014

help us list every happy family entrepreneur worth connecting around africa

(deceased  who's connecting youth legacies of mandela, maathai ...) ALIVE ingrid munro taddy blecher nick hughes Alexanrdia Graham Austin…

Started by chris macrae

0 Feb 16, 2014


AFM00 Samara and AfricaStar and Yazmi
AFM10 IHUB/Ushahidi
AFM11 MIT Media Lab Africa
AFM12 MIT D-lab and Abdul Latif with Toyota
AFM121 Polak last mile multinationals africa –eg green energy and clean water distrib
AFM13 Ibrahim Foundation
AFM14 Africa24tv
TB1 Free University and Jobs Schools
TB11 Open Learning Campus Africa
AFM15 Young Africa Society –world bank ypa milennials’ goals 2.1
AFM2 Jamii Bora –end slums youth banking and partner labs
TB20 Primary financial literacy curriculum – eg Afaatoun out of Orphanages
AFM21 Bridges primary schools
TB21 Love of self- empowerment curriculum – eg Maharishi (TB1)
TB22 Coding curricula from primary up
AFM31 Kiva Africa
AFM32 Acumen
AFM33 BRAC African Girl Jobs-creating banking
AFM34 Eagri-Africa
AFM35 African health millennials www –and PIH Rwanda, Free Nursing College Africa
AFM36 Mara Foundation
AFM5 Nanocredit
AFM6 USADBC - diaspora association benchmarking african food security value chains
AFM61 –diaspora multi-country celebrations eg AfricaTip (AgeTip)
AFM612 Makerfaireafrica
BOM1 berners lee
BOM2 mit every students an entrepreneur
BOM21 MIT100k
BOM3 mit media lab -open source wizard entrepreneurs and new commons
BOM30 Negroponte $100 Laptop
BOM31 Joi Ito
BOM32 reclaim our learning
BOM4 MIT open education movement
BOM5 Legatum
BO51 Legatum millennials and fans
BOM52 networks of cashless banking technolgists
BOM53 innovations journal
BOM6 partners in health/brigham womens hospital
BOM61 value chain networks club inspired by pih and world bank millenials
BOM62 ypchronic
BOM64 Haiti training hospital - connector of neraly free nursing college
BOSF1 Kiva and puddle
BOSF2 Khan Academy
BOSF3 Coursera segment interested in Open Learning Campus

6 years ago needs to be a long time in world of development but we quite like this 2008 format marketplace of ideas- have you seen updates?

JB 1  -africanidol.tv

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of Jamii Bora's founder Ingrid Munro makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods


key question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

googlegroup bestMICRO




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