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microfranchises correspondence welcome - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk From Entrepreneurial Revolution's search for microfranchises  started in The Economist in 1972:

Born in 1999, Jamii Bora was inspired by the
Bangla Microbanks- Grameen and BRAC - the pro-youth economics significance of which can systematically be audited to the extent that they turn value chains bottom-up. Jamii Bora benefited from perfect timing becoming the first microbank to fully automate transactions through mobile connectivity. This has helped Kenya become one of the world's top 2 ILABS- partnership networks in generating microfranchises which mobilse open technology's opportunities to end poverty. Help us to catalogue these.

Born of the new nation of Bangladesh's extreme poverty in the 1970s, these banks lead the world of pro-youth economics through the the number of replicable microfranchises they innovate - catalogue of where to help develop this curriculum. Furthermore, since 1996 Bangladesh became the first place to attract partnerships in mobile village solutions to all the most vital needs youth and families have to be sustainable

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help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of Jamii Bora's founder Ingrid Munro makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

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yes african millemnials and usadbc.org can save the world?

2030now most valued hashes: 1 2 3 ....survey of summits valuing 25-35 professionals most : YNPN …See More
Jun 26, 2014
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Apr 20, 2014
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Apr 20, 2014
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"mara foundation is a number 1 pick of the milennial netwoprks empowered by world bank president jim kim"
Apr 20, 2014
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Apr 20, 2014
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Apr 20, 2014
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africa youth save the world

http://jamiiborabank.co.ke/  http://maharishiinstitute.org/the-institute/meet-our-directors/ Two of the most productive youth networks for the 21st C started out of africa in 1999- around kenya's jamii bora and Joburg's free university movement "Maharishi"Africa's 2 greatest youth Impossible-Possible movements (unless you have an alternative nomination -rsvp…See More
Apr 20, 2014
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africa world tour 1 of youth and yunus

Can US's historically black university students win-win with youth and yunus africa jobs futures? discussion dc version 31 march 2014here are some possible maps to empowering black youth livelihoods-if during a more normal workload you want to explore next step of one or more of them I can try and help, or just chat with people direct map1 taddy…See More
Apr 1, 2014
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion Washington DC African Dispora - Entrepreneurial Revolutuon
"Join Larry Reed in a Webinar on March 12th for Global Money Week 2014! Gallery Posted on March 5, 2014 by The Microcredit Summit Campaign Lea en español (traducido por Google) *** Lisez en français (traduit par Google) Join us…"
Mar 11, 2014
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Washington DC African Dispora - Entrepreneurial Revolutuon

DC hotline for all ER news 301 881 1655 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Norman Macrae Foundation Youth CapitalismCONTENTS BY NEXT ACTION Greatest ever value chain meet on africa diaspora provisionally planned may 17 march 12 microcredit webinar on youth banks - case tanzaniaBY…See More
Mar 11, 2014
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understanding kiva

Microcredits- the goodwilled, the experimental, the socially muddled, and the worthlessthere are microcredits that wholly do good which we believe jamii bora is number 1 case of in africa, and then there are networks that are pushing the boundaries - this includes making temporary mistakes especially in a world of seeking out partners (many of whom have not fully resolved their own innovation conflicts- microcredit being a simpler world before digital comes along as we try to track at…See More
Feb 23, 2014
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searchging for conversations where jamii bora is mentioned

please tell us today I searched microcredisummit linked in groupI dont quite know why it returned these 3 conversations though I admit they raise valuable questions…See More
Feb 16, 2014
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Jan 13, 2014
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Jan 7, 2014
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Most useful actions Washington DC college students can do? 1 help catalogue owners of Job-creating orphanages

Washington DC is at the epicentre of so much pie in the sky NGOs- entrepreneurial revolution aliumni want to ground some bottom-up movements around the leading development studies student in this part of the planetI am writing to see if you can help  form an entrepreneurial association of friends of owners of orphanages who want some of the  dynamics of their orphanages to turn into job creating…See More
Jan 3, 2014
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Nov 15, 2013



announcement - i was deeply saddened to hear that the jami bora we all loved in the first decade of the21st century has been replaced during ingrid munro's illness with something completely different- private correspondence welcomed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - also after 50 years of being the developing worlds most trusted person fazle abed died dec 20 2019- it is hoped that abed university will soon be the number 1 womens sdg partner university wherever there are colleges valuing their youth livelihoods as core to the sdg generation
FALL 2018 Calling African Youth Livelihoods Creators
over 33 years now as per our 1984 book, my family has had a simple idea for tech- why cant all teachers and kids be alumni of whomever connects the most massive livelihood solutions of the sustainability generation
hello here your mobile (whatsapp) numbers where i know them -please help relevant african education revolutionaries linkin if  our perspective makes sense
mobiles: chris macrae usa 240 316 8157 .. say if you want inclusion publicly
when it comes to african opportunities here is our diary of critical debates and events to search through 
FOCACsept 2018 in a week's time
jinping in beijing hosts 50 national leaders updating china and africa investment plans - a summit held every 3 years -  
sept 30 to oct6 dialogue partly sponsored by my father's fmaily foundation - see details below - contact mostofa zaman for more details or alizee if you have special interests in chinma
UNCTAD summit oct 2018- head of unctad is kenyan - summit hosted every 2 years- 24 months ago jack ma was appointed youth livelihood ambassador by UN and UNCTAD - jack ma has started global business school and so far trained over 100 african youth technolgists and almost as many asians- 
march 2019 un head guterres has asked jack ma , melinda gates to lead 20 person expert report on digital cooperation - in other words not just fintech but every kind of tech for youth futures- it will be published march 2019 in time for major investment summits guterres and jinping host next year
march 2019 -this is deadline of head unhabitat- call for cases on supercities she is publishing to start 2020s - she has recently been appointed - as firmer female mayor of penang she is very practical and gutsy-unhabitat is headquartered out of nairobi
of course i do not mean every kid should have alibaba's jack ma's telephone number- but if jack ma is in middle of lots of sustainable tech livelihoods why isnt it the number 1 bookmark on the web a guide to how to study him and whomever are the world record job creators top 10 -what are the ranking for sportstars but not livelihood creators geared to sustainability challenges?
sept 30 to October 6 - 50th anniversary of my father's first publication of Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER)
one of jack ma's main academic who is also professor at china's main public setvice university tsinghua has kindly agreed to spend week exchanging jacks ideas and those on tech for girl empowerment which bangladesh is world leader of (jack ma took 20% share of bangladesh's http://www.bkash.com a few months ago- this is the casheless banking model that bill gates hgas said can reach billion poorest)

Dad was trained by keynes to be an end poverty econjomist- he was one of the first to call for redseigning every market purpose around small enterprise networks -thats what all his ER writings are about together with how can we help other peoples nations- you can download his 20 most poular surveys at Norman Macrae : Books & Surveys at The Economist 
in this spirit we are trying to help all who value youth most to get close to jack ma alumni and also womens empowerment networks which started in bangladesh but are much needed in any village where women are still marginalised -by the way of the reasons for china's greatest success over last 40 years is "women hold up half the sky" - you could say china is 40 years ahead of usa on "metoo" (or sd goal 5 gender equality)
we are also trying to map new world trading routes the opposite of those that empires colonised world with
regarding possible connections with jack ma alumni it is much best if you chat to mostofa as he is organising sept 30 to oct 6- for those who cant come live- what about scheduling one hour skype or sending an agen\a to see if a group want to chat with you about it
thanks chris macrae 
whos on this email
for about 7 years now i have known quite a few ethiopian diaspora in dc partly because they are the biggest african network - stefanos is the most technology connectde as well as knowing anyone Ethiopian i have ever met
in the appartment i live - GS Jemere has newly arrived from ethiopia -please welcome him if you can- there he was responsible for schooling 15000 children- he is currently writing a post doic at howard uni on what environmental training do african children need etc
mostofa is in dhaka fixing sept 30 to oct 6 itineraruy with the world leaders in girls empowerment and ying lowrey (jack ma leading professor) - some people called bangaldesh's special contribution to the world microcreditsummit but i wish it had always been called microeducationsummit
amy is fiost chiense under 30 i met- we were skyping after doing a jim kim chnage world mooc- she has since left china for the first time in 2015 to see sustainabiluty goals launch at UN and is currently at columbia university in NY
audrey is a star of girls learn coding her schools in kenya and pakistan are scaling fast- she was one of the keynoters at one of jim kims youth summits which amy and i attended
if you search cgtn for blessed coffee you will see his passion for changing coffee value chain - some ethiipian farmers still only get 1% of the end value- this is not a disimilar story for a dozen or more of afriuca'
s most consumed crops- probably nobody is more connected for changing trade among ethiopian diaspora
as always errors are mine- bets to you all

2019-2025 the last 7 year EXP of bending curve back to sustainability?

Unless anyone tells us otherwise Kenya youth have done more than others on the continent to show how to mobilise the livelihoods economy- not all of their efforts have been sustained by elders who interfered with them - hopefully one day this will be sorted out

our biggest regret is how all real friends of ingrid munro's jamii bora slum youth have been disenfranchised - see highlights 1 2 3 4 of what they did up to 2011 

our biggest hope is that now un habotat is led by former mayor of penang - her report to start the 2020s will get the record straight regarding nairobi as one the greatest youth sustainability collaboration cities

as well as jamii bora , mpesa was born to the world ourt of nairobi- its digital idea now become thye world's largest cashless bank at brac bangladesh and in 2018 bkash has become jack ma's firts major partbership in the region

nairobi was the start lof the open source software ushahide- this started kike a twitter with gps and helped to prevent many riots- it built the ihib now a benchmark for hubs all over the world

nairobi also hubbed to the world the green movements of wangaari maathai.. kenya was one the main countries that enabled mo ibrahim to make a fortune with cellnet that he turned into the ibrahim million dollar lautrate network for african leaders who left their nations in a good state- all over the world this borught attenetion to the billionnaire of mobile and waht they did with their fortunes

young people in kenya helped co-create more end poverty solutions out of kenya of the 2000s than almost anywhere we can think of- please update us - ihub continues as the contents benchmark hub and with ushahidi the continents main open source software

mpesa provided a world class breakthrough - today it has inspired the world's largest cashless bank www.bkash.com in bangladesgh which recentky attracted a partnership with jack ma

wangaari maathis network put green networks on the map- and gave unhabitat hq in kenya something to be prepaid of - unhabitat is going through a wonderful tranfromatin - watch this space

bridges international and moringa are two world class education models

kenya hosted what was we think the only world social forum lout of africa

kenya is the origin of the pateunt capiatl network of jaqueline novigratz

but sadly jamii bora is no longer the bank owned and run for youth in slums- please report on it

we are also unclearn - need reports - on whether idm award to nanocredit is still saving the world and how the second lady's womens finance networks are moving on


7 Once Wonderful Spaces of Africa's Most Human Communications Alumni with thanks to associate reporters at http://africanidol.tv;


Mandela Elders -education core to Gandhian peaceful revolution  beyond top-down professions

Samara- Europe's leap out of dark ages by communications so I gave Africa a free satellite

Ibrahim (and Barro) - Benchmark places & sectors responsible leaders by & for future of Africans

Julian Kyula  - Nanocredit -design most urgent telecom networks around those in most urgent local needs

Toure ITU - who in united nations and out of africa understand telcommunications for good

Women4Empowerment - Naila's stories  1 2  3  4   5   6   7  8   9 more at www.womenuni.com 

YP/Young Africa Society - 25-35 professionals most connected, educated world has ever enjoyed- millennials' goals #2030now 

Two of the most productive youth networks for the 21st C started out of africa in 1999- around kenya's jamii bora and Joburg's free university movement

help us map where and how else african youth are helping connect worldwide youth in job creation and sustaining the planet out of every community

breaking in 2014 - cape town -back in 1999 Gorbachev had a dream of connecting world youth capitals with annual summits of nobel peace laureates- after 15 years of rehearsals this networks best for youth sumits are due to celebrate mandela cape town october 2014 and all african american and youth diasporae Atlanta Nov 2015 -what would you like to connect

21st C best observations to date:

Kenya JB, Mpesa, ILAB, crowdmap, noanocredit

Joburg Free University, Free curricula of entrepreneurship and empowerment from grade 3 up, massive change to apprenticeships and SME capacity

Paris and Africa best jobs/livlihoods news by and for africans and leaders

Ethiopia-DC - club of bottom up value chains for development

Entrepreneurial Revolution curriculum we aim to search out include:
how orphans networks built the safest banking curriculum in africa
how kenya designed the best ILAB for twin youth world trades of open technologists
what the futures of cashless banking and peoples ownership of currency are ten years into the mpesa experiiment
what other future histories criss-crossed first through kenya - eg the world social and economic forum
what other twin capital job creation movements can kenya help to celebrate - 1 all over africa, 2 all over southern hemisphere, 3 all over whole planet



Note on Member Application

key question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

breaking news - new year 2013- congrats to our friends at jamii bora - http://jamibora.org  http://jamiibora.ning.com/

The Economist says Kibera may be most entrepreneurial place on planet



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6 years ago needs to be a long time in world of development but we quite like this 2008 format marketplace of ideas- have you seen updates?

JB 1  -africanidol.tv

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of Jamii Bora's founder Ingrid Munro makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods


key question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

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